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Strategic Factors

Individual Strength.
Collective Power.

Several strategic factors make Novaria Group decidedly different in its understanding and approach.

Firsthand Industry Experience
With decades of aerospace & defense industry management experience among our leaders, we know where our companies came from and appreciate where they are going. We have seen the opportunities and rewards for those organizations that have realized their potential in the market, and we apply our collective expertise to secure the same results for each operating unit.
Long-Term, Strategic Thinking
Each unit’s success was not built on week-by-week thinking; it was born from a long-term vision paired with daily effort and an enduring belief in what is ultimately possible. Our partner companies benefit from our ability to expand those possibilities by strategically defining, managing and meeting the desired future.
Resources For Growth
Good can only become great when it is met with the support, opportunities and resources it needs for that transformation. With patient capital, long held industry relationships, and the ability to install and guide systems for repeatable success, Novaria is uniquely positioned to deploy the key assets it has at its disposal to fuel sustainable growth.
Decentralized, Empowering Approach
Novaria embraces the idea that the closer you are to your customers and the inventive working style that made you successful, the better. We’re different from the unfeeling rollup or the corporate consolidation approach you may see elsewhere in the industry; we believe in an empowering, autonomous operating environment for our partners.
Focus On Culture
We are dedicated to recognizing, preserving and promoting the best of what makes our operating units unique. An entrepreneurial spirit, employee innovators, and dedicated customers are of utmost importance to us. We make every effort to lead with integrity, to promote work-life balance and to appreciate the great people behind great companies.
Growth Acquisition
Novaria pursues a selective growth strategy, favoring highly aligned partners with defined capabilities and solid foundations over early stage opportunities. For most of the past decade, we have worked side-by-side in developing robust business processes and customer relationships within core and adjacent markets, while making organizational and operational improvements designed to sustain and expand core businesses.

EEO statement

Novaria Group, along with our cohesive family of companies, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Company is committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, pregnancy, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, medical history, skin color, marital or parental status. We base all our employment decisions on merit, job requirements and business needs.

Sustainability Statement

Novaria and its business units are committed to the stewardship of our environment through responsible operation within our communities resulting in reduced environmental impact with the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees at the forefront while delivering strong, consistent and profitable growth.