Much like its investment and operational philosophies, the name Novaria is itself a powerful union of two elements—light and air—combined for deeper meaning. A nova occurs where a small star takes on matter from a much larger star, increasing its own brightness by up to one thousand times. An aria—literally translated from Italian as “air”—is a musical piece created as a showcase for individual talent.


To operate a cohesive family of precision component companies, a sum made greater by the value of its parts, that consistently lead us to be the #1 partner of choice for precision aerospace components and specialty structures.


With deep industry knowledge, demonstrated integrity and an abiding regard for human capital, Novaria Group provides its portfolio holdings unmatched access to the unique innovations and best practices of its family of companies.


With decades of aerospace & defense industry experience amongst its principals, we provide our partners the resources for growth: long-term strategies that yield near-term successes; coordinated thinking and activation for innovative and timely solutions to market opportunities; and a respectful, human approach that honors the unique culture and contribution of our partners, employees and customers.

  • Trustworthiness

    Exhibit integrity and earn the right to be worthy of the trust and confidence of our colleagues and customers.

  • Wisdom

    Encourage the evolution of information into knowledge, and ultimately its growth into enduring, shareable wisdom.

  • Safety

    Embrace and proactively manage all environmental, health, safety and quality management concerns.

  • Passion

    Work with a ceaseless zeal for positive outcome in the face of challenge across every project.

  • Family

    Recognize and celebrate the importance of our primary, community and corporate families.

  • Innovation

    Pursue ways to create market opportunity by bringing improvement, efficiency and progress to our chosen sectors.

  • Humility

    Demonstrate a supportive nature and egoless approach in fostering opportunities for growth.