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Advanced Coating specializes in Parylene conformal coating of high-risk substrates and delicate components without damaging cure forces and thermal stress. We offer innovative, customized application technologies to match unique customer specifications.

Parylene Highlights

  • Ultra-Thin, Transparent Film Adds Minimal Weight & Volume
  • Absolute Conformity to Substrate Contours, Crevices & Edges
  • Pinhole-Free & Stress-Free Application
  • Low Gas Permeability, Chemical Protection, Thermal Stability Across Environments
  • Chemically Inert, Biocompatible & Biostable
  • Excellent Moisture /Vapor Barrier & Mechanical Properties
  • Extremely High Dielectric Strength


  • High Reliability Class 3 Electronics
  • Sensors & RF Devices
  • Rigid & Flexible Circuits
  • Aircraft & Aerospace Electronics
  • Control Systems & Fly-by-Wire Avionics
  • Drones & Submersibles
  • Tin Whisker Mitigation
  • Coil Forms & Ferrites
  • LEDs & Digital Displays
  • Molded & Extruded Elastomers
  • Medical Devices & Instruments
  • Medical Device Technologies

Industries Served

  • Military & Defense
  • High-Performance Electronics
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Medical

Customer Approvals

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ISO 9001:2015


IPC-CC-830 Type XY


FDA Drug Master File

Biocompatibility of Plastics USP Class VI


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Sustainability Statement

Novaria and its business units are committed to the stewardship of our environment through responsible operation within our communities resulting in reduced environmental impact with the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees at the forefront while delivering strong, consistent and profitable growth.